Kam Heong Lotus Root

• Ingredients

  • Lotus root 300g
  • Dried shrimp 20g
  • Chili padi (chopped) 5 units
  • Red chili (chopped) 1 unit
  • Curry leaves 2 stalks


  • Rice flour 4 tbsp

• Sauce Ingredients

  • MCM’s Gan Xiang sauce 2 tbsp
  • Sugar ½ tsp

• Methods

  1. Peel lotus root, wash and slice thinly, soak in salt, vinegar and water for a while.
  2. Rinse and coat the lotus root slices with rice flour. Heat oil in a frying pan, deep fry lotus roots slices until crispy. Drain when done.
  3. Keep some oil in the frying pan. Sauté dried shrimp and curry leaves until fragrant, then toss in the sauce ingredients.
  4. Return fried lotus root to frying pan, add chopped chili, stir-fry until well mixed.

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